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dont call it a comeback

April 4, 2011

it not. i just got unbanned cause cuttlefish so edgy


cuttlefish are back and they’re chiller than ever

March 1, 2011

still rad bro, still rad

Cuttlefish Photo Shoot

October 19, 2010


this cuttlefish is making a project for his photo class. pretty cool huh? real artsy but also hip.

Cuttlefish Vacation Photos

October 17, 2010

look at its face...and its hat!

we’ve been on vacation here, but only cause the cuttlefish have been. look at this fuckin cuttlefish hangin’ with the locals on a globe trotting adventure. will he ever have stories to tell at the cuttlefish bar!

Pretending to be a rock

October 8, 2010

not a cuttlefish

this cuttlefish is pretending to be a rock so he can surprise his bros. its gonna be so so fuckin funny

im not dead im sleeping

October 2, 2010

shhhh, he looks dead but hes just sleeping. be fukin quiet dudes

shh im hiding

October 1, 2010

i cant see you you cant see me

thus cuttlefish is playing hide and seek. SHHHH! dont give its spot away